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Support SeminarianThank you for visiting this web page! Thank you for your time! Greetings and prayers from the Mount Carmel Petit Seminary Fortkochi! You might have learned the brief history of our diocesan Seminary and the various activities of our seminarians from this website. If you are interested to support a seminarian financially and spiritually or just wanted to know how the sponsorship is maintained, then you are at the right place.

You know, the need of Priest is immense at present time. Not only in our diocese, but even in other parts of the world. Our priests are doing their parish ministry by working in various diocesan institutions and even in mission areas, preaching and teaching the message of Christ.

We have, by the Grace of God, still good number of seminarians and yearly some new priests. Majority of our priests are working in our diocese; some are working abroad. For the formation of a seminarian we need good people who are ready to support us with their prayers and financial aids. At Present, the Diocese is meeting the part of the expenses of the seminarians and some by benefactors. If you are interested you can help us with your prayers and supports:

Normal formation-time of a diocesan seminarian:

I. Minor Seminary:

a.b. 2 Years Higher Secondary Course and further spiritual formation Staying in the seminary for two years
c. 3 Years studying the degree course staying in the seminary

II. Major Seminary

a. 2 Years Philosophy Course at Aluva or out of Kerala (Pune, Nagpur etc.)
b. 1 Year Regency for practical training and ministry in diocesan institutions.
c. 4 Years Theology Course at Aluva or out of Kerala.

The formation time may vary if the seminarian has some other educational qualifications. Unfortunately some may also leave the seminary, when the studies or the rules of formation are not appropriate for his life style and convictions.

We offer our Sponsors:

– our daily prayers for you and your intentions.
– we offer a special Mass for you.

What are the needs of a seminarian:

As explained above, the expenses for the Seminarian is met by the diocese, except some benefactors. A seminarian needs his Food and Accommodation, journey, Education and medical expenses. We also have to find resources for the maintenance of the seminary.

What you can do for the seminarians:

– Pray for the priests, at home daily or whenever possible.
– Offer Masses for the good formation of priests and seminarians.
– Talk about the need of good priests and propagate this among your friends.
– You can sponsor a seminarian completely or partially. The expenses vary. For further information contact the Fr. Rector.

(rectormcps(at) / +91 484 – 2216002)

Contact with Seminarians:

– You can expect at least two greetings or letters from the seminarian.

– There is no direct contact possible. Letters and greetings are done through the Rector.

For further questions about the sponsorship of seminarian please contact us.

(rectormcps(at) / +91 484 – 2216002)

How to send payments for my Seminarian’s Support?

– When you contact Fr Rector and agree the above terms and conditions, you can contribute to our Bank account or send a Draft or Account Payee check in the name of Bishop.

Our Contact Details:

Fr Rector

PB. No.11, Fort Kochi, Kochi 682 001


Tel.: Ph: 215400, 215401, 215403, 216002

FAX: 0091-484-2215404

E-mail: rectormcps(at)



Once you transfer the amount, please let us know it, so that we can acknowledge it as soon as possible.
Yours in Christ,
Fr Rector